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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loving the Spud Shed (part 2)

OK, so I didn't actually end up buying from the Spud Shed itself, as the queues were crazy, so I went to another part of the market and just bought a few things from a market garden stand and a seedling stand.

I ended up with my fruit and veggies, along with 4 pots of assorted types of habanero chillies, all for just over $20. I'm pretty happy with that!



  1. I was going to say- how come the PL apples were so dear????

    Is the northern one open 24/7?

    The one near me is so if the insanity takes over me ( or I just want an excuse to get out of the house I can shop in echoing peace at 2am!) lol

  2. I have no idea if it's 24/7, but was very busy so went to market stand nearby. I didn't really need that much, just wanted to have a look and get a couple of things.

  3. When I first went to the spud shed prices were cheaper than the local supermarkets and I was thrilled with the quality of the potatoes, but the last few times I went I didn't buy anything because most items were more expensive on average by $2 a kilo/item and their cheap potatoes were too small, so ended up buying cheaper larger ones elsewhere. I'll go if they have a good meat special, but otherwise, I've lost interest in them for the time being.