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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loving the Spud Shed! (part 1)

A friend of mine put up a post on FB this morning bemoaning the shocking rise in the cost of fresh fruit and veggies by the big supermarkets and some fruit and veggie shops. Her point was that if locally produced produce is still affordable in farmers' markets etc, then it seems simply ridiculous for the supermarkets to still choose to buy in expensive items from interstate and overseas and jack up the prices willy-nilly.

Obviously, I totally agree with her. I admit I'm not always organised enough to do the weekly shop at the farmers' market, but I'm going today, and am trying somewhere new, which I'm pretty darned excited about!

The Spud Shed has been around in Perth for a few years now, and has a rather interesting history, which you can read more about HERE. (Yeah, I know it's TT, but we'll let that slide just this once, shall we?)

It seems kind of crazy for anyone to buy fresh fruit and veggies, meat and dairy products from anywhere else, really, doesn't it? Seriously - who would actually CHOOSE to pay a much higher price for an inferior product that leaves local farmers struggling. Let's cut out that middle man - let's chop him metaphorically into a zillion teensy pieces and support our local farmers whilst feeding our family the best of local fresh food!

I shall report back later with a breakdown of my Amazingly Affordable And Yummy Purchases!


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