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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh, I am terribly excited...

Last year whilst in the depths of despair at the seeming impossibility of finding work, I seriously considered running some cooking classes for children which would focus on whole, healthy, local foods.  I even blogged about it HERE if you want to read more.

I started looking into the viability of the idea and got absolutely tangled in a revolting mire of bureaucracy and red tape because of the food hygiene issues.  Now, as a hospitality educator I am very damned well aware of the requirements, lol, but local councils didn't seem to agree.

Just this morning I was adding new and exciting Twitter folks to my "follow" list, when I rediscovered Perth City Farm.  I was browsing their site and to my delight I saw a post announcing that they have a lovely big commercial kitchen which is underused, and they're looking for people to conduct cooking classes in line with their organsation beliefs of local, community-based food.

ZOMG!  Is this a sign?  Would you and your kids be interested in participating in something like this?  I was thinking of weekends, school holidays or even after school classes.  I'd also love it if fellow Perthies would consider getting involved and perhaps host a class in whatever is your cooking speciality.  And hey - why limit it to kids?

I'd be eternally grateful for your thoughts.



  1. OMG - that is FANTASTIC. I love the idea and your enthusiasm would be just what they need. My gal is keen for a cooking birthday party this year - wish I were in Perth.

    Go for it - it's totally meant for you!

  2. I think it's a great idea, especially with shows on TV like that kiddie Masterchef. :-)

  3. LOVE this place!! I am lucky enough to work very close by.

  4. Frances, that's actually what got me thinking of it in the first place last year - my kids are hooked on MC and love cooking. Cleaning up after cooking? Not so much...